Also known as High Dose ozone, or more commonly referred to as the ‘Ten Pass’ procedure. Our office uses the Zotzmann 2000 Hyperbaric Ozone generator. The advantages of the 10-pass method over a MAH are more ozone in a shorter amount of time and better saturation of erythrocytes with oxygen. It’s also said that the positive pressure during hyperbaric ozone applications protects the red blood cells from being damaged.

Dr. Lahodny recommends daily administrations of OHT for up to one month for certain conditions. Another approach is to give patients one OHT per week for 10 weeks. This, he claims, cures“nearly all illnesses”. He says it’s the only therapy which is “nearly always successful”. Allegedly, some conditions can be reversed after just one 10 Pass.

Dr. Lahodny is also convinced that the 10-pass method stimulates stem cell production. He concludes this from the observation that chronic wounds sometimes heal within 48 hours of the Ozone High Dose, which is the same result one achieves from an injection of cultured stem cells. So far, the assumed stimulation of stem cells through ozone has not been substantiated by laboratory tests.

Conditions that can be treated with High Dose Ozone include, but are not limited to:

  • Chronic Diseases (Lyme, Crohn's, diabetes, atherosclerosis, trauma)

  • Immune System Diseases, such as AIDS

  • Infections

  • Cancer

  • Auto-immune Diseases

  • Blood Circulation Problems

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