We know there can be no life if oxidation does not occur. Oxidation is the process through which the body converts sugar into energy. The body also uses oxidation as its first line of defense against bacteria, virus, yeast and parasites. Even breathing oxygen is an oxidative process. When we use the principals of oxidation to bring about improvements in the body it is called a therapy herein referred to as Oxidative Therapy.

A number of substances are known to cause oxidation in the body, but the most important of these is hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide, when exposed to blood or other body fluids containing the enzyme catalase, is chemically split into oxygen and water. A small amount of hydrogen peroxide can supply large amounts of oxygen to the tissue.

Injections of Hydrogen Peroxide are not new. Its intravenous use was first reported by Dr. T.H. Oliver in the British Medical Journal (Lancet) in 1920. The use of hydrogen peroxide injections to generate oxygen in the body has been studied at many major medical research centers throughout the world. Today, between 2 and 100 scientific articles are published each month about the chemical and biological effects of hydrogen peroxide.

There are many theories about the different functions of hydrogen peroxide in the body and a great deal of scientific material supports almost every one. Hydrogen peroxide is produced in the body in different amounts for different purposes. It is part of a system which helps your body regulate all living cell membranes.  Scientists are discovering the function of hydrogen peroxide in the body is far more complex and important than previously realized.


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