What is UVBI Therapy?

UVBI therapy utilizes Ultra Violet light, a light which is well-known for its abilityto purify air, sterilize water and destroy micro-organisms in waste products. Useof UV light to treat disease began back in the 1870s and continued until the1950s when most mainstream medical doctors began to use vaccines andantibiotics to treat their patients.

The use and over-use of antibiotics has resulted in super-strains of bacteria,viruses and infections (such as the “super-bug”, MRSA) which are resistant toantibiotics, and therefore labelled “incurable”. This has led many practitionersthroughout Europe and the U.S. to look for alternative methods of treatingthese cases and photo-oxidation is once again increasing in popularity as a go-totherapy.

What can UVBI Therapy Treat?

Biophoton Therapy treats conditions which patients have previously felt they would have to “live with”. Such conditions can be greatly relieved with this combination of therapies. Cancer 

  1. Hepatitis B and C

  2. Lyme disease

  3. Herpes Virus

  4. Chronic Fatigue

  5. Rheumatoid Arthritis

  6. Staph infections

  7. Autoimmune Conditions

  8. Bacterial/ Viral Infections


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